A manual for exploring Prague through the senses

How often do we relate our cities with what we touch, smell, hear and taste? Even when we are looking, how much are we overlooking? For any curious explorer, this guidebook opens new ways of sensing the city of Prague through embodied actions.

The manual “a-where-ness” contains 7 chapters, one each for the five senses (touch, taste, smell, sound and sight), plus a chapter on memory and one on sensory provocations.Researched and written during COVID lockdowns, it is the outcome of a compulsion (on solitary walks) to observe and sense an enchanting European city devoid of its touristic layer.

The manual easily transforms architectural and sensory theory into enjoyable practical exercises that people can follow at their own pace and leisure. It is helpful for anyone who wishes to explore the architecture through their senses, beyond enjoying Prague as a visually stunning cityscape.

Researched and written: Nitish Jain Presented at: (Y) Events: Urban (E)scapes, November 2021, Divadlo X10, Prague.
Photos and videos: Miljan Vuletic, Studio Mak