Stories [from], [to] & [by] faraway lands

‘Stories [from], [to] & [by] Faraway Lands’ is a storytelling performance in a promenade theatre format. The performance is a crossover of oral story-telling traditions from different parts of the world (Scandinavia, Central Europe, and Indo- Persia) presented in an immersive environment.

Dastangoi, an Indo-Persian storytelling format from the 13 century, is known for stories of hypnotism, wizardry, enticement, beauty, and magnetism. Traditionally, a dastang includes elements such as tilism (magic), ayyari (trickery), and bazm (elegant gatherings and feasts) ¬¬ brought alive through enactment by the storyteller. On the other hand, Czech folklore in K.J Erben’s ‘Kytice’, abounds with murder, mayhem, supernatural elements, human transformations, the animate becoming the inanimate and vice versa. In this project ‘Kytice’ combined with Dastangoi and Nordic folk music, the performances in this project blend together traditions and rituals from three different parts of the world thereby transmitting memories and stories and providing an escape into the magical world.

Each story in ‘Stories [from], [to] & [by] Faraway Lands’ is told in its uniquely designed immersive environment .This project tries to build an experience of listening to stories and poetry being narrated in a scenographic space where the environment provides a stimuli to engage all senses and imagination.

The first story, ‘A bouquet’, is a dialogue between this life and the afterlife where orphaned children seek solace and resolution in their mother’s spirit.

The second story, ‘Water Sprite’, is about the complex and tumultuous relationships between humans and magical beings.

The third story, ‘Daughter’s Curse’ questions parental responsibility mixed with the power of love, curses and guilt.

The fourth story, ‘The Treasure’ follows the universal archetype of a mythical cave of riches, exploring the themes of greed, sacrifice, and morality.